Jul 112014
What's the story?

Last night at the Jackson Gallery, Jo, Mark and their team put on a wonderful meal whilst Trip provided the music and I talked about keeping a sketchpad and painting. Thanks to all who came – it was a smashing evening. During the course of it, a competition arose. The late-comer painting that Peter Gill […]

Apr 142014
Drizzle, Payne's Grey and Rivington Pike

‘From Rivington Pike’ opened last week and my thanks to everyone who made it such a successful occasion. I’ll be in the gallery for the next week and look forward to meeting the visitors and talking about life and how you sometimes see a picture in the unlikeliest spots. This just before we set off […]

Mar 282014
Rivington Pike Tower

If you are familiar with the tower on Rivington Pike, you may not remember it like this. It’s taken from one of my early sketchpads, in Summer 1973, when I was a student at Manchester. Apparently there was talk of it being condemned and there must be hundreds of thousands of visitors since, who are […]

Mar 282014
Pike, Nab, drawing, painting, illustration

New work and old, much done in Lancashire over the last forty years, will be exhibited at Astley Hall from next Saturday, the 5th of April to 26 May 2014. The Right Honourable Lindsay Hoyle MP, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, will open the show in the presence of the Mayor and Mayoress […]

Mar 032014
Astley Hall, Chorley, Lancashire

As a child, I lived three miles from this Jacobean Hall. It stands by a pond in a park, five minutes from Junction 8 of the M61. Under ornate plaster ceilings you climb the wide, uneven stairs, pass the leaded window and panelled landings into a long and handsome gallery. From the 5th of April […]

Sep 222013
Extraordinary Bodies in Exeter

I spent an inspiring afternoon at The Hangar in Woolwich on Wednesday drawing rehearsals for the performance of ‘Weighting’ on Cathedral Green, Exeter, today at 5pm. http://www.exeter.gov.uk/unexpected/index.aspx?articleid=14792 I’ll be drawing again this afternoon when the performers will be joined by a one-hundred-strong choir. Get there if you can. All these drawings were done with a […]

Sep 162013
Bumping up and running out

The exhibition at Durlston ended on Sunday. Thanks to all those who came, those who left comments in the visitor’s book and those who told other people about it. The staff, the venue and the weather were all fantastic. I did this drawing of a young mother bumping a pram up the steps of the […]

Sep 112013
Looking out

These are the doors at Durlston, so if you’re going to be attending an exhibition, this is the place to be. I wanted to remember the view. The sea was all these different colours in the space of four hours. These two paintings are framed together. They were done on the back of cardboard cut […]

Sep 042013
Yellow things

Two of the odder paintings in the exhibition feature in the first two questions of “Tony’s ‘Can-you spot-for-me’” quiz. They concern a yellow helicopter and a yellowish pig. So here are some BIG clues. The painting below is of the sculptor Michael Bizley with the Ram’s Head he carved. It stands in the garden of […]

Aug 312013
Night and Day

Thanks to all who have added comments to my visitor’s book. Here are a couple of the shorter ones. Beautiful, so intimate and varied – Lynn and Alan Very very lucky to encounter this exhibition. Merci – Sophia Fijinma