Mar 282014
Rivington Pike Tower

If you are familiar with the tower on Rivington Pike, you may not remember it like this. It’s taken from one of my early sketchpads, in Summer 1973, when I was a student at Manchester. Apparently there was talk of it being condemned and there must be hundreds of thousands of visitors since, who are […]

Sep 042013
From Langebaan, South Africa

My childhood was spent in rural-industrial Lancashire and my second guest writer, David Rees Davies, in rural-industrial South Wales. We met at Art College in Manchester, and I think we have stayed so close because we shared a similar cultural outlook and find joy in similar things. He’s a brave and emotional image-maker and I’m […]

Jun 102013
Clothes Pegs

The drawings in these sketchpads are nearly always reactive. I see something, I draw it. These three are linked by subject and dissimilar in every other way. The style is the result of materials to hand, the atmosphere of the moment, the way I’m feeling. The only constant thing, I think, is an attempt to […]

Apr 152013
Someone asked for more narrative

I’m all in favour of stories. Stories tell us about other people’s lives and in our reaction to them, about our own. I wish I was better at it, but my friends will tell you what a frustrating storyteller I am–plenty of atmosphere and no ending. Each drawing is evidence of time and place. Over […]

Mar 012013
Stephen Perrin's Choice

  Steve is my first guest editor. He’s the sort of person who can do most things and do them with an air of complete capability. I asked him to choose some drawings and write about them. For many years now I have watched Tony take out his sketchpad, often at the most unexpected times. […]

Feb 282013
Standing Up

It’s the simplest of subject-matter. Draw someone standing up. You see them. You see the space they occupy, how they hold themselves, what they do with their hands, the distribution of their weight, the position of their feet, the hang of their clothes. Will they mind if you draw them? How will you do it? […]

Jan 302013
Twenty years later

Usually you see something and start to draw it and by the time you’ve finished everything has changed. Occasionally that isn’t so – you keep going and find yourself with a series of associated drawings. These are of my eldest son, concentrating, and probably took about twenty minutes. We were separated by a window so […]

Jan 302013
Drawing someone else

My first notions of Bristol came from ‘Treasure Island’ but when I went there in the early nineties I was dismayed by the number of beggars on the streets.This a transcript of the next page; Yet another homeless male beggar in Bristol, black dog laid by his side, cardboard sign under his crossed legs, ‘HOMELESS but not […]

Nov 142012
Like a theatre

I live in a town with a beach. Walking along the road that runs beside it is like a trip to the theatre. An ever-changing cast is there to enjoy the sea and the space. Sometimes it’s the characters that I’m interested in – the cheery exuberance of the half-term party and their teachers on a miserable day […]